Saturday, September 3, 2011

Ripple Three

My extended family and friends make up the third circle, almost as close to me as the second. 

There are a great many to list here, so let me tell you why I love them and am very thankful for them first...

Each person on the list has shown me support and love throughout my time knowing them. I have enjoyed my friendships with them and have drawn courage, inspiration and lots of other things from them over the years.

My in-laws, including Nana and Papa Voorhees. My sisters -in- law, Joan and Sarah. My siblings spouses Jenny and Julio.

Old friends like Adriatic and Jane, the Suters and the Muters. Pagel and Trish and all of those I've done shows with and a thousand other things through the years.

Many of my buddies from USMC days are on the list. Wib, Mac, Schutzie, Slick.  Mahood, JD, Walters and Duck. Many more who shared some pretty interesting times with me. I am thankful for their friendship and the brotherhood of the Marines.

New friends like Julie, Anna and Greg, who I would not have met if not for my wife, but who make life fun anyway.

I'm thankful for my medic friends like Sara and others from ZAA, Jen, Josh, Ben, Kelly  and Carrie and others from WMC. I am thankful for their friendship and skills as we've shared some horrific runs and some very funny ones, too.

There are dozens and dozens of people on this list, and I am thankful for them. Too numerous to list, but listed in my heart.

More Later

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